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Mark on the Issues

The issues that matter to Southern Utah are the issues that matter to Mark.

Affordable Healthcare

Mark wants to make sure that all Utahans have access to healthcare, and that we receive all the federal dollars that are due to our state.


Mark knows that Utah Teachers and Parents need all the help they can get.  He also knows that funding public education is crucial to our future.  He will work hard to make sure that our public schools, at all levels, have what they need to make each student successful. 

Gender Equality

Women have fought hard to earn equal voices and equal rights.  Whether its in their paycheck or making healthcare choices, Mark supports them

Our Public Lands

As a business owner in Southern Utah, Mark understands that the wild lands in our back yard a a jewel of the entire nation.  Mark wants to make sure that those lands are protected for future generations to come. 

Managing Smart Growth and Development

Utah will continue to grow both in population and infrastructure, but how we grow will be just as important.  Making smart choices will be the key to our success.  

Committee to Elect Mark Chambers
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